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1.1 GSF Sports Company Limited takes your personal information very seriously. The company will comply with the law on personal information security as it applies to the company.

1.2 During the service or access to the company's platform (As stipulated in the Terms of Service), the company will collect data including your personal information

1.3 This Privacy Policy is for you to be informed about the use of the process. And the company's data collection that was collected and received during the service, the company will collect, use and disclose the privacy information in accordance with this privacy policy only.

1.4 It is important for you to read this privacy policy and other policies. Which are enforced by the company, specifically regarding the collection and the storage of your privacy So customers are aware of how the company has collected data and how you use your personal information

1.5 Clicks or visits "Registration" "I accept the privacy policy of GSF Sport Company Limited" or other similar statements on the registration service page of GSF Sports Company Limited. Customers agree to receive notification and Understand the terms of this privacy policy and the customer has agreed to the collection and processing of the privacy data as described and under these conditions.

1.6 The Company may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. Any changes that the company has made, the company will announce on the page. Or other suitable places or notify customers via email, while customers use the service to access the platform or access to services, including orders on flat forms.

Constitutes acknowledgment of changes that the company has made to amend this privacy policy as informed in your email. Please check your email for any changes or amendments to the privacy policy.

1.7 Privacy policy applies to other notices. Contracts and consent statements regarding data collection, use and disclosure of your personal data for the company and will not cancel until the company has specified otherwise

1.8 You may visit the platform and browse without specifying personal details. However, you must sign up for an account if you want to use various services.

1.9 If you have comments, suggestions or complaints regarding your personal information Please contact the company information officer through the company contact. On the website page.



2.1 Privacy data means any information, whether recorded in the form of document information or not, in which the identification information of the individual is clear or can be reasonably and directly provided by the holder. Data possession or when combined with other information directly and that can be clearly identified

You consent to the company for collecting the following information personally;

Identifiable information; For example, your name, gender, birthday

Contact information; Shipping address, receipt Shipping address, email, and phone number

Account information; for example, bank accounts and payment details

Transaction information; for example, details about payments made to you and from you and details of other products and services that you have purchased from the platform

Technical information; for example, the number used to identify the computer connected to the network (IP), login information Browser type and version, time and location settings, Connection and browser type used to connect Operating system and platform and other technologies on the device that you use to access the platform

Personal information; for example, usernames and passwords, ordering or ordering from you, interests, setting up acceptance and survey responses

Usage information; for example, your use of the platform, other products and services, and

Marketing information and communications; for example, the satisfaction with receiving marketing information from the company and Outsiders of the company and satisfaction in communication.

2.3 While you are using the platform and providing any service the company has received personal information from you in the following cases:

- When you create an account with the company

- When you apply for any service or ordering any products that exists on the flat form

- When you access the forms and functions that appear on other companies' platforms and services

- When you subscribe to the advertising media or marketing collateral of the company

- When you participate in a competition, discount, or questionnaire

- When you log in with an account on the company's platform or contact the company via internal services or applications, for example; Facebook, Google, and when you contact them online Including customer service representative who is an outsourcing of the company

2.4 You must submit private information that is accurate and not deceptive. And you will be informed of the latest information and when changes are made. The company has the right to require you to send documents to confirm your personal information. That you have given as part of the company's customer inspection process.

2.5 The company will collect your privacy information When you voluntarily agree to send privacy information to the company. But if you choose not to submit personal information to the company or later cancel the company's consent using your personal information, the company can’t provide its service or access to the platform.

2.6 You may log in and update personal information and send to the company at any time as described below.

2.7 If you provide any third party personal information to the company, you represent and warrant that you have obtained the consent of the third party you have shared and delivered his / her personal information to the company so that the company can Collect, use or disclose that information in accordance with this Privacy Policy. If you use the GSF Sports Company account through by using other social media accounts or linking GSF Sports Company Limited with your other social media accounts or use of other forms of social media of GSF Sports Co., Ltd. The company can access your personal information that you voluntarily provide to the social media service provider in accordance with the policies of the service provider and the company will handle your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy.

2.8 If you use GSF Sports Company Limited account through other social media channels or linking GSF Sports Company Limited account with your other social media accounts or using other forms of social media of GSF Sports Co., Ltd. The company can access your personal information that you voluntarily provide to the social media service provider in accordance with the policy of the service provider. And the company will handle your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy


3.1 The personal information that the company collects from you will be used by the company or shared or delivered to third parties. (Including related companies Third party service providers and related companies of third parties, and third-party vendors) for some or all of the following purposes:

- To facilitate the use of the Service and access to the Platform, including answering questions, suggestions, claims or disputes through third party customer service representatives

-In order to process your orders through the platform, whether the products are distributed by the company or from a third-party vendor.

- Payment for products that you pay on the Platform, whether distributed by companies or third-party vendors. Will be conducted by a representative of the company

- Delivery of products that you purchase through the Platform, whether sold by a company or third-party vendor. The company will send personal information to third parties in order to deliver the product to you. (For example, to shippers or distributors for a company), whether the product is sold on the platform to the company or Third-party seller

- To update the delivery of the product to you, whether the product is sold on the platform of the company or by a third-party vendor. And for the purpose of supporting customers

- Compare data with third parties to confirm the accuracy of the information.

- To your account manager (if any) with the company

- In order to check and make a transaction on your online payment

- To check the data download from the platform

- To improve the format or content of the webpage, on the platform and modify it for users

- To identify visitors on the platform

-To conduct research on demographic data and user behavior

- To provide information that the company finds useful or that you request from the company Including information about third-party sellers of goods and services by providing this information, you confirm that you do not intend to be contacted for these purposes.

- As permitted by you in accordance with the law applicable to the company. The company may use your personal information time to time to send marketing or promotional materials about the products and services of the company or the third-party vendor, and the company may automatically make decisions for this purpose.

3.2 You can unsubscribe from receiving marketing data at any time by using the option to unsubscribe from the electronic marketing content. The company may use your contact information to send letters from the company and from related companies.

3.3 In the case of exemption, the company may have to disclose personal information For example, when there are reasonable grounds to believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, for law enforcement purposes or in accordance with the law and according to any requirements and claims



4.1 Please note that if you notify us of the revocation of consent to use or disclose personal information, for the purpose or in the manner specified above or requesting the deletion or disclosure of data in an anonymous manner, which your personal information may not be able to provide with other products or services, or comply with any contract you have with and the company will not be liable in the event that does not provide you the products or services of the company or fulfill the contract with you. The company has legal rights and any remedies, the company reserves the reason for this


5.1 It is important that you provide accurate personal information. We are responsible for notifying you of any changes to your personal information. Or in the event you believe that your personal information that the company has an incorrect, Incomplete, misleading or outdated information, you can update your personal information at any time by logging in from your account to the platform. If you are unable to update personal information through your account You can contact the personal data protection officer. According to the contact details provided above

5.2 Companies take steps to share your updated privacy information with third parties and affiliates.

The person that the company has shared, but when they see that the information is still necessary for the objectives mentioned above


6.1 If you wish to request information about your personal information that the company has collected or have questions about the data collection methods used or disclosed by the company in the past year, please contact the personal data protection officer with the contact details provided above. To expedite the processing of your request, it may be necessary to request additional information based on your request.

6.2 The company reserves the right to collect processing fees for retrieving your personal information that has been recorded. If that is the case, the company will notify you for the processing fee before the company processes your request.



7.1 In order to protect your personal information from unauthorized persons accessing, storing, using, disclosing, reproducing, distributing, or similar risks of data, the company has implemented management measures Suitable physical and technical resources, for example:

- Restricting access to personal information to those who need access

- Install technology products to prevent unauthorized access to computers

-  Delete or not specify your personal information in accordance with the standards enforced by law. When it is no longer needed for legal or business purposes, and

-  Use 128-bit SSL (encryption lock system) when processing your financial information.

7.2 If you believe that your privacy has been violated by GSF Sports Co., Ltd., please contact the privacy data protection officer at the contact details provided above.

7.3 You should also be aware that there are no methods of transmitting data via the internet or a completely secure electronic method of storage. While security cannot be guaranteed, the company will try to protect the security of the data and constantly check and improve security measures.

7.4 Your password is the key access an account. Please use numbers, letters and special symbols that are unique. And please do not share passwords of yours with anyone. If you use your password with other people, you are responsible for the actions taken by your name and its effects. If you lose control of your password or lose control of your personal information or other information submitted to GSF Sports Company Limited, you are responsible and legally responsible for that action. Therefore, if your password is changed for any reason or if you have a reasonable reason to believe that your password has been changed, you should contact the company and request to change your password immediately. The company reminds you to log out your account and close the search page after you used a shared into computer.



8.1 The Company maintains your personal data for as long as it is required by law or as necessary for the purposes which it was collected.

8.2 The company will stop collecting personal information or delete data that is associated with you as it makes sense to assume that such data collection is not intended for the purpose it was previously collected. And there is no longer needed for law or business purposes



9.1 Authorized companies or service providers may use cookies or web beacons or other technology systems. In order to store information so that you can serve you better, faster, more secure and more private when you use the service or use the platform

9.2 When you access the platform through your computer, telephone equipment or other devices with the internet, the server system of the company will record data automatically. Which your browser will send at any time you visit the website Which may include the following information:

- IP address of the computer or communication device

- Browser type

- The webpage you visited before you entered the company's platform

- The pages within the platform you visit

- The time spent on the page, list, and information searched on the platform the date and time he used and other resolutions

9.3 Data collected for analysis and processing to improve the website, the services and products that the company provides

9.4 Cookies are small text files. (Mainly consisting of letters and numbers) stored in the memory of your browser or device when you access the website or view text. This helps the company to get to know the device or browser and helps the company to quickly adapt content to your interests and make services and platforms more useful and convenient for you.

9.5 You may manage and delete cookies through the browser system or settings. For more information about this setting, see the “help” of your browser and device.



10.1 You acknowledge and agree that GSF Sports Co., Ltd. has the right to disclose your personal information in the event that there are laws, regulations, government taxes. Law enforcement, authority or owner rights, or if there are reasonable reasons that GSF Sports Co., Ltd. believes that disclosure of personal information is necessary for the purpose of action according to the specification or any collaboration, whether voluntarily or ordered to cooperate with the order, investigation, and or as requested by those persons to extent permitted by applicable law. You agree not to take any action and or to waive your right to do anything to GSF Sports Company Limited for the disclosure of personal information under these circumstances.



11.1 The platform may contain links to other websites. Operated by third parties such as Affiliated company Shop or accept payment for various financial transactions. The company is not responsible for the privacy practices of such third-party websites. The company recommends that you review the privacy policies of those websites to see how we handle the information collected.