Sports company PUMA is twin-turbocharging pairs of sneakers as part of its premier PUMA Porsche Legacy collection. Inspired by the game-changing attitude of the Porsche 911 Turbo with nods to style and automotive history, the line features exclusive shoes and apparel. 

Porsche 911 were always fast, butturbocharged engines made sure nothing even came close. The addition of the iconic Porsche Turbo,along withtwin tailpipes and a distinctive rear winghas been revolutionizing the world of sportscars since 1975PUMA wants to make sure you look just as cutting edge in the drivers seatwith a line of aftermarket parts to help you handle all your horsepower

The footwear portion of the new collection features two exemplary PUMA sneakers topump the pedal with as you carve up S curvesThe Porsche Legacy Future Ridershowcases a sleek last along with aruggedoutsole for high-torque gripDecked outin premium leather, the shoe featurespops ofcolor which give it a refined look.

The second classic in the garage is the Porsche Legacy Speedcat Luxwhich fuses one of the most famous shoe models from PUMAwith a unique, engineering-inspiredlook and feel. The rounded, flat sole of these driving shoesallows you tap the gas with precision for peak performance. Laser-engraved design elements and perforated ventilation zones top off the dynamic body-kit of the shoe, which comes in a premium suede leather upper with a bold Porsche Legacy logoon the outsole.

The apparel collection channels the legacy of the legendary Porsche Turbo Engine, blending streamlined design with elements from the car. Garments like the Porsche Legacy Bomber Jacket and a Logo Tee with a large tonal “Turbo” graphic on the back make for an eye-catching statement. Featuring many racing notes, the tee has a logo on the front similar to the badge lining a Porsche trunk, and a “Never Lift” label woven inside the collar. It makes the PUMA Porsche Legacy collection the perfect companion for a ride in a classic 911 Turbo.  

PUMA´s Forever Faster slogan is a natural companion to the innovative and progressive attitude of Porsche, which has been creating premium sportscars for decades